Claims Processing

Claims Processing Service

Claims processing  for EyeAssure members will utilize the clearinghouse services of Infinedi, an Oklahoma company that is an accredited leader in the EDI industry.  Infinedi offers a wide range of proficient and cost-effective tools and resources to help improve and simplify claims submission and reimbursement for doctors and third party payers. The company's role with EyeAssure is to provide doctors with claim submission services, business analytics and payment remittance that will save time and money.

Once EyeAssure begins offering insurance contracts to members through its portal, doctors will be required to submit claims related to those contracts through Infinedi. Consolidating claims data through a common clearinghouse will enable EyeAssure to manage utilization for its network of doctors, which will be a key value EyeAssure will bring to insurance payers.

EyeAssure members qualify for special rates for claims processing by Infinedi.   Members can submit an unlimited number of claims for a monthly fee of just $60. And, when you start using Infinedi for claims processing, that cost is offset because your membership fee in EyeAssure will be reduced by $60 each month.  Analytics available to doctors from Infinedi as a result of their claims processing will be a useful new practice management resource and help doctors improve their submission of clean claims. The $150 one-time enrollment fee to sign up with Infinedi is included in EyeAssure membership fees. Members will need to pay that fee to Infinedi when they sign up, but it will be refunded by EyeAssure following confirmation of enrollment with the clearinghouse. 

Transitioning to a new clearinghouse will involve different processes and steps depending on which practice management software doctors are using for billing purposes.  EyeAssure is continuing to work with the major optometric practice management software vendors to encourage their integration with Infinedi. In the meantime, all optometric practice management software should be compatible and able to send claims to Infinedi, regardless of whether they are fully integrated. The number of steps involved in submitting claims to Infinedi will vary depending on a practice’s software, but providers can easily use Infinedi’s web-based portal to access and process their claims using any EHR software.

To aid members in the transition process, EyeAssure is providing a resource for offices wishing to have help with the process of switching clearinghouses and establishing working protocols for submitting claims to Infinedi using existing practice management software. For doctors wishing to save time for staff related to transitioning a clearinghouse, EyeAssure has negotiated a 50% discount for member practices with Cathy’s Healthcare Consultants, LLC for an Implementation Service package that includes changing payer codes in practice management software, generating payer agreements, confirming protocols needed to submit claims from your software to Infinedi, and training staff on the new claims submission protocols. The Implementation Service package is available to EyeAssure members for a one-time fee of $300 and is an optional cost for each practice.

Enrolling with Infinedi for the EyeAssure claims processing service is easy.  Members should log in here for enrollment instructions.