Membership Requirements

Members of EyeAssure, LLC must attest to meeting the following requirements and standards and such other requirements and standards as may be periodically determined by the EyeAssure Board of Managers and communicated to members. Standards include:

  • Active licensure in the State of Nebraska at the highest level of Therapeutic Certification
  • Current membership in Nebraska Optometric Association
  • Using certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for patient records and claims transmissions
  • Enrolled in a recognized health data registry such as AOA Measures & Outcomes Registry for Eyecare (M.O.R.E.)
  • Regularly documented monitoring of diabetic retinopathy in patients with timely reports of findings to the patient’s primary care physician
  • Commitment to reporting to primary care physicians any vision status that could put patient at risk of falls
  • Use of EyeAssure’s designated clearinghouse for submission of all claims related to insurance contracts offered through EyeAssure (with members invited and encouraged to also submit claims for all other contracts outside of EyeAssure through the EyeAssure clearinghouse)
  • Completion of provider credentialing requirements through EyeAssure

Suspension or revocation of Nebraska licensure, or discontinuing or lapsing membership in the Nebraska Optometric Association, is cause for automatic termination of membership in EyeAssure. Other disciplinary actions against the member by the Nebraska Board of Optometry or State of Nebraska may be reviewed by the Board of Managers of EyeAssure and could impact membership status in EyeAssure.

EyeAssure will conduct random audits on its membership annually to verify compliance with requirements for use of certified EHR software.  Attestation of compliance with additional requirements will be required from members.

Should members fail or cease to meet the above membership requirements, they will be notified by the Board of Managers and have 6 months from the date of notification to meet such requirements. At that time, if evidence cannot be provided that indicates requirements are met, the doctor’s membership in EyeAssure may be suspended or terminated by the Board of Managers.

Membership Enrollment Process

Step 1.  Provider completes a Membership Enrollment Form. 

Step 2.   Upon submission of Membership Enrollment Form to EyeAssure, provider will receive via email a Membership Enrollment Packet including EyeAssure Provider Agreement , Provider Manual, Credentialing Instructions, and Payment  Authorization Form.

Step 3.   Return signed Provider Agreement and Payment Authorization Form to EyeAssure.

Step 4.  Upon receipt by EyeAssure of Provider Agreement and Payment Authorization Form, initial bank draft of membership fees will take place effective in the month received.  Subsequent monthly payments will be drafted on the first business day of each month.

Step 5. Provider must complete EyeAssure Provider Credentialing within two (2) months of receiving Credentialing Instructions.  Credentialing verification service will confirm to EyeAssure the completion of provider credentialing.