For Doctors of Optometry, EyeAssure offers:

  • Plan review and enrollment -- EyeAssure members have the opportunity to review insurance contracts offered through EyeAssure via its website and will be able to enroll in plans of their choice through a Contract Management website portal.
  • Provider credentialing – a single credentialing process through EyeAssure will be acceptable for any insurance plans offered through EyeAssure.
  • Claims processing – EyeAssure members can submit unlimited electronic claims through our clearinghouse provider for a discounted monthly rate of $60, and get a discounted rate for processing of paper claims.
  • Analytics for doctors – data-driven analysis of utilization, medical costs, network design, and plan benefit structure.
  • Utilization management assistance—peer review, counseling and advice to address deviations from network requirements or industry norms, as an alternative to insurance company interventions.


For insurance companies, EyeAssure offers:

  • Provider credentialing – a service assuring that all EyeAssure providers meet a standard set of credentialing requirements, eliminating the need for insurance companies to individually credential providers for each insurance contract.
  • Utilization management – monitoring utilization of services by all EyeAssure providers to assure they meet industry and insurance company benchmarks while meeting accepted clinical standards for the profession.
  • Provider assistance and support – education, assistance and peer support for providers in order to help them achieve network standards, reducing the need for insurance company intervention.